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I went a little crazy on amazon here the other day. While looking for books for my dissertation and some to help me revise for my exam on Georgian everyday life and architecture, I added far too many items to my shopping basket and as a result I have been receiving parcels non-stop for the last few days. I am incredibly excited about the first I received, Mrs. Delany & Her Circle as I didn't realise it would be so big and with so many shiny illustrations. Oh, 18th century domesticity and accomplishments, how I love you! And of course I can't help but having a soft spot for Mrs. Delany as she's my professor's pet. Let's reclaim domesticity! I have already started by acquiring a great deal of things with flower patterns and embroidering a tiny ship (which was actually an assignment for a seminar on female crafts.)

Mrs. Delany


Above are Mrs. Delany's paper mosaics for which she is famous. Or should be famous anyway. I was so amazed by these the first time I saw them. Reading about popular accomplishments such as watercolouring and botanical drawings I always imagined something far more amateurish, but a lot of women's work is downright professional.

I also bought a book on single Georgian women (Flatmate: "Never married? Oh, god, this is a book predicting our future!") and The Lady Tars for my dissertation which is a collection of the autobiographies of Hanna Snell, Mary Lacy and Mary Ann Talbot.

Oh, and here's my new iphone case (and iphone, whoo) and an example of my mad embroidery skills. I bet you are all awed.

Professor: So, Aleksandra, what did you make?
Me: [Holds up piece of cloth]
Professor: Ah, I see. What would you all think if you found this during your research on the Georgian era? Who would Aleksandra be?
Girl: A man!
Professor: Erm, I was thinking more she had a brother in the navy...

Not the first time I've heard that, I tell you! (Watch this space for an upcoming rant on my new flatmate who thinks everyone's attracted to her.)


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Apr. 23rd, 2011 05:36 am (UTC)
Oooh, that first book looks delicious! Sounds very interesting, as does the book on single women. And I am indeed awed by your Mad Embroidery Skillz (with a "z", yes)! ;) It's a terribly cute boat. Ship. I mean ship. XD
Apr. 24th, 2011 03:24 pm (UTC)
The Delany one is really good as it is informative and pretty at the same time. The book on single women seems very well written, but I haven't read enough to pass a proper judgment yet.

Oh, I know, I'm simply amazing. It is a wonder they haven't displayed my work at the V&A yet! And you better learn to know your boats from your ships, young miss XD
( 2 Capital! Capital! — Every savage can dance )