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War & Peace fanvid

I have acquired a new obession - Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace which I started reading a few weeks ago after watching the miniseries from 2007 starring Clémence Poésy and Alessio Boni. I have only read about a hundred pages as I've been writing essays and attending uni besides and because I am in no hurry to finish it. So far I find it very entertaining and incredibly funny, but you never know, I might end up hating Tolstoy after a thousand pages.

I haven't made a fanvid in ages, but I threw this together yesterday as I immediately thought of Sonya when I first heard this song. I find I really like her character although I usually hate the nice, quiet, selfless, "proper" female characters and tend to prefer women like Becky Sharpe or Mary Crawford. Book!Young Nicolai and book!Young Sonya are just too adorable for words and it breaks my heart that they do not marry in the end. That's why this fanvid came to be - it began as a video retelling their story, but a as love triangle from the very beginning, and ended up being slightly AU. Because everyone knows what happens after Tolstoy finishes his story - Nikolai leaves Maria to go back to Sonya and they flee to the countryside where they spend their days producing lots and lots of tiny hussar babies.